Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shopping Online with Forever 21

I know for a fact that I am NOT the only one who struggles when it comes to online shopping. I'm here to let my followers know that we are on the same page....

Haven't you guys noticed that lots of the cute stuff are mainly offered only online? or am I tripping?

I thought I'd give you guys some tips on how I find the right size when shopping with them online:

Tips For Shopping Forever 21 Plus
1. Look at the material, be sure to pay attention to stretch %.
2. Check out the model and what size she's wearing, I use this a lot when shopping online.
3. Make sure that you READ the reviews because they are life savers.
4. Check with your favorite blogger, I'm a blogger and I still do this on a regular.
5. Always be sure to keep yourself updated & aware with of Forever 21's refund policy, it's usually  exchange only, buts sometimes I've received full refund when I have ordered online and sent back my order via mail within 30 days.

Comment below to share your online shopping experiences.