Thursday, February 27, 2014

Harem Pants Re-Do

Yes you guys, I decided to RE-DO my post on these harem pants simply because I didn't expect to do another photoshoot with Edwin lol so here's a better background for you guy. Instagram @edwintee

My only negative opinion about these pants is that it kinda makes my thighs look a little bigger than they really are lol but other than that I'm loving them!!!
As far as the location, Edwin and I came across this alley right down the street from my home and we just had to get next to these gorgeous flowers!!

 I am super happy that I purchased these pants because they'e comfortable, affordable, and perfect for many occassions!

Outfit Details:
Hat- River Island
Jacket- Wet Seal+
Top- ASOS Curve
Harem Pants- Forever 21+
Boots- Forever 21
Jewelry- Old Navy/ASOS Curve
Eyewear- Old Navy

So I really hope you guys enjoyed this outfit & the way I styled it! Feel free to comment your take on how to style harem pants.
Happy Blogging Loves!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sequence & Stripes

So to be honest, this photo shoot took place on a tiring, COLD day, my face kinda tells the story lol but I really wanted to show this outfit, so cut me some slack lol

 I have to comment on the improvement that companies are making on Plus Size clothes. We are getting the opportunity to wear pretty much ANYTHING women & girls of smaller sizes wear! You can call me bias or whatever, but I think curvy women look better in some outfits than smaller women do lol.

In case you were wondering about the location which is the art building parking lot at Pierce College, which is my school.

Outfit Details:
Hat- River Island
Coat- Ashley Stewart(Goodwill)
Top- Forever 21+
Leggings- ASOS Curve
Boots- Forever 21
Earrings- Old Navy

In Loving Memory of these Forever 21 boots, you will be missed lol

Harem Pants

So I am SERIOUSLY loving these harem pants from Forever 21!! They come in an amazing raspberry color, which is perfect for Spring!
I wanted to create a comfortable, chic look today, so I hope it came out as I imagined lol

I love draping, and I love clothes that flow in the wind!

These pants were only $15.80!!

Hat- River Island
Top- ASOS Curve
Harem Pants- Forever 21+
Boots- Forever 21
Necklace- Yard Sale
Ring- ASOS Curve
Eyewear- Old Navy

Happy Blogging!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Begin The Season With Asos Curve

Hello everyone!! So far, these are my favorite TRENDS.
One of the really big trends this season is floral pants & motor jackets!
The floral pants give you a more modern and fun vibe whether you're going to work or to the grocery store. You can easily pair them with a cami or even an nice collard shirt!
Speaking of the motor jackets, you can wear it with a maxi dress, your favorite peg pants, and even some cute shorts! 
I am in love with these two dresses!! I swear, ASOS is definitely hooking up us CURVY girls this Spring!! This maxi dress is giving me sooo much life right now lol. 
It's the perfec dress to wear to brunch with the girls, dinner with the hubby, a wedding, or even a graduation!
As far as the grey t-shirt dress, you definitely pair it with a pair of black tights and strut through the workplace with it, and the tights can come right off if you plan on hitting the town with your friends!

The bathing suit season is just around the corner & the earlier you get them, the CHEAPER
ASOS gives you the options to cover up or show off your curves completely in a two-piece, either way you go you'll still look cute.
I hope this post helps you guys prepare for your spring/summer wardrobes! :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine's Day With Berto Bear

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! Today was one of THE BEST days of my life!!!
I spent the entire day with my Berto Bear (Alberto). 
Went to see "American Hustle", ate amazing burgers at Red Robin, and enjoyed one another's company :).

 Okay, I admit, I look HORRIBLE in these photos, but I was too excited to be sitting next to this man lol so who cares right??
To be honest, I love the attention we get from others because we are an interracial couple and my boyfriend is in a wheelchair. I'm African American and he is Mexican. I love being a "minority" lol

Overall, I enjoyed my Valentine's Day with my sweetheart.
Yes, it was my first official Valentine's Day which was an amazing experience!!
I hope you guys did as well :)
Happy Valentine's Day Bloggers & Fashionistas!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Celebrate Your V-Day With Forever 21+

I have to say that I am very much looking forward to Valentine's Day this year because it's my first "REAL" one lol. I've been with my Bear for about 2 months now and so far things are going great!
I came across this looks from, which are perfect to wear on your special day! There are many more options, but these stood out the most to me. I have the link to the page these looks are featured on later in the post.

I love how each look gives you a little skin "peek-a-boo" to give you a sexy feel while being classy.
I definitely have to applaud Forever 21+ for giving us different options other than RED to wear on V-day. It makes things much more interesting. Plus Size women want to have as many options as "regular sized" women do, so I'm happy to see some variety.

I created this outfit on my ASOS Fashion Finder account. If you click on the picture, it'll send you directly to the page that tells you where you can purchase any of the items from this collage.

Here's the link to every outfit featured in this post!

I hope you guys enjoy your V-Day with your spouse, bestfriend, or whoever it may be.
Happy Blogging!!