Friday, January 24, 2014

Walking On Air

I have to be completely honest with you guys. I am not very into this ootd. For some reason I'm just not very impressed lol I guess I was just trying to find a reason to wear my crop top from Beyonce's H&M collection.

What I'm most disappointed in is the way I styled this look, see! that's why I hate being rushed out of the house.
 On the brighter side, I am pretty excited about Spring this year, and I LOVE color blocking and print blocking!
I totally forgot to take a picture of my jacket, but it has a huge skull on the back. I am actually wearing this jacket in one of my previous posts. 

If you're looking for this jacket, I bout it from Wet Seal which they may no longer have, but I recently went to Forever 21, who to be honest copied Wet Seal, but instead of skulls they have crosses lol.

Outfit Details:
Hat- River Island
Glasses- Old Navy
Rings- ASOS(Curve)
Jacket- Wet Seal+
Top- H&M
Pants- Yard Sale
Shoes- Old Navy

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spring Must Haves From Forever 21!

I am in awe with these pieces from!
I made a promise to myself that I'd step outside of my little shell & start wearing form fitting clothing again!
 After doing some research, I've noticed that the whole "Nautical" look is a popular trend for Spring 2014!, which mainly consists of blues, reds, whites(the sailor look). 

 To EVERY curvy women out there, don't be afraid to show off what God has given you! If you'd like, you can wear a form fitting dress with tights if it makes you more comfortable.
Oh yes!! Since Valentine's Day is coming right around the corner, this red, skater dress will be a HOT number with your date! Red screams sexy, wild, and passion! 

You can wear either dress to dinner with coworkers, a date night with your boo, and even to the HOTTEST night clubs in your area!
To find these looks, head over to, click on the "plus sizes", and each look is in the "new arrivals" section.

Happy blogging everyone!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today Was A Fairytale

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 I have to take the time to realize how far I've come during my 19th year of living. A year ago, I would've never put myself in front of a camera because I hated the attention being on me. Now I am filled with much more confidence in myself, and I hope to grow more throughout this year.
 This ootd seriously made me feel as if I were living in a fairytale! I felt like a romantic Little Red Riding Hood
In honor of Spring, I decided to bring out my red flower crown from River Island. In case you were wondering, ASOS has a variety of flower crowns, and they come in solid colors and multicolors, which will go perfect in our Spring wardrobes. 
 If you guys were wondering about the location, it's this running trail in Porter Ranch, CA. I'm not sure of the exact name, but I'll find out as soon as I can. It's the perfect place to go running, walking, taking pictures, and also picnics with your boyfriend/girlfriend. 
If you have anymore questions about today's blog post, be sure to email me at

Happy Blogging xoxo,
Patrice Chavon

Outfit Details:
Crown- River Island
Glasses- Old Navy
Dress- Forever 21+
Tights- 99 Cents Store
Boots- Forever 21

Friday, January 17, 2014

Casual Patrice?

 This outfit gives you guys and idea of what I call "casual" lol. I've never really been into jeans so this is the closest to casual that I'll probably get.

I have a thing for mixing prints and bright colors, so Spring is definitely going to be a big season for me :)
This would be an outfit I would consider wearing to go see a movie with my Berto Bear, a trip to the mall, or even on a little run to the grocery store.

I hope you guys enjoy this ootd!!
Patrice Chavon

Outfit Details:
Hat- Goodwill
Necklace- Yard sale
Cardigan- Yard sale
Top- Forever 21+
Leggings- ASOS (Curve)
Boots- Forever 21

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don't You Forget About Me

 Hello everyone!!
I definitely have to commend my friend Edwin T. (Instagram: @edwintee) for taking these amazing photos of me!
Today's ootd is inspired by the upcoming season SPRING, and I felt that it was right to wear this T shirt dress I purchased on ASOS.
In case you guys were wondering about the location, it is at my school Pierce College near the football field. It just shows how you can find the most amazing things in the most unexpected places, so thank you Pierce College!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. If you have any more questions you can email me

Outfit Details:
Hat- River Island
Dress- ASOS (Curve)
Tights- 99 Cents Store
Boots- Forever 21

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Spring Wishlist

As we all know, Spring is pretty much right around the corner. I am looking forward to start wearing both skirts & shorts again since my confidence is starting to come back. Every piece on this post has its own BAMMM or SPARK to it which I hope you guys noticed that I love lol. I think my favorite piece of them all is cheetah print swinger dress simply because I'm a sucker for cheetah and it looks amazing with everything!
My goal is to have at least 3 pieces in this group!

I am seriously LOVING this color palette, and I'm hoping to collaborate them with my current wardrobe.
I definitely have to thank ASOS for providing us women/young ladies to feel & look beautiful no matter what size we are.
Once I get any of these lovely pieces, I'll be sure to show you guys how I still them.
With that being said, happy blogging everyone!
Patrice Chavon

Friday, January 10, 2014

Urban Chic

Today's ootd is by far one of the best outfits I've ever worn! The bandanna print is so bold and just in your face. For some reason I felt like a "Chic Burglar" lol.
I definitely have to give lots of credit to my friend Edwin, who is my photographer & chose this amazing location in Porter Ranch, CA. Anyone who lives in the San Fernando Valley would be surprised that such a place exists next door to us, so thank you Edwin!!!
The way I styled this look pretty much came from this vision in my head. Let's rewind!, I found this outfit being worn on someone while I was scrolling through Instagram. Yes, of course everyone has their own take on how things should be styled, but being a style enthusiast, I felt that I was able to style it in a way that works best for my personal style and not look so cheap. 
Well I hope that you guys enjoyed this ootd, and like always, I'm love hearing your feedback.

Outfit Details:
Hat- River Island ($45.37)
Sweater- Forever 21+ ($22.80)
 Leggings- Forever 21+ ($11.80)
Boots- Forever 21 ($19.80)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year Resolutions

 Happy New Year!!
Looking back on 2013, I realized that I accomplished so much so much! I got my first job, two jobs at that!, I met an amazing guy (My Berto Bear), and I gained the courage to start a blog!

Resolutions of 2014:
1. Get my CA Driver's License
2. Begin networking with other bloggers/designers
3. Keep My Berto Bear
4. Complete my A.A. Degree & transfer to S.F. State
5. Hopefully start off my career in fashion

Today's ootd was honestly pretty random, I've always loved this took I stole from my mom and I new it would match perfectly with my skirt from Forever 21. The look screams Grunge/Chic because it has this hard, soft touch to it which I've noticed has grown into a huge trend. I hope you guys enjoy this look as far as the way I styled it. I am always open to your ideas.
Happy New Years,
Patrice Chavon

Outfit Details:
Hat- River Island
Blazer- Goodwill
Top- Mommy's closet
Skirt- Forever 21+
Tights- 99 Cents Store
Flats- Old Navy
Jewelry- Old Navy/ ASOS