Friday, January 24, 2014

Walking On Air

I have to be completely honest with you guys. I am not very into this ootd. For some reason I'm just not very impressed lol I guess I was just trying to find a reason to wear my crop top from Beyonce's H&M collection.

What I'm most disappointed in is the way I styled this look, see! that's why I hate being rushed out of the house.
 On the brighter side, I am pretty excited about Spring this year, and I LOVE color blocking and print blocking!
I totally forgot to take a picture of my jacket, but it has a huge skull on the back. I am actually wearing this jacket in one of my previous posts. 

If you're looking for this jacket, I bout it from Wet Seal which they may no longer have, but I recently went to Forever 21, who to be honest copied Wet Seal, but instead of skulls they have crosses lol.

Outfit Details:
Hat- River Island
Glasses- Old Navy
Rings- ASOS(Curve)
Jacket- Wet Seal+
Top- H&M
Pants- Yard Sale
Shoes- Old Navy