Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spring Must Haves From Forever 21!

I am in awe with these pieces from!
I made a promise to myself that I'd step outside of my little shell & start wearing form fitting clothing again!
 After doing some research, I've noticed that the whole "Nautical" look is a popular trend for Spring 2014!, which mainly consists of blues, reds, whites(the sailor look). 

 To EVERY curvy women out there, don't be afraid to show off what God has given you! If you'd like, you can wear a form fitting dress with tights if it makes you more comfortable.
Oh yes!! Since Valentine's Day is coming right around the corner, this red, skater dress will be a HOT number with your date! Red screams sexy, wild, and passion! 

You can wear either dress to dinner with coworkers, a date night with your boo, and even to the HOTTEST night clubs in your area!
To find these looks, head over to, click on the "plus sizes", and each look is in the "new arrivals" section.

Happy blogging everyone!