Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine's Day With Berto Bear

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! Today was one of THE BEST days of my life!!!
I spent the entire day with my Berto Bear (Alberto). 
Went to see "American Hustle", ate amazing burgers at Red Robin, and enjoyed one another's company :).

 Okay, I admit, I look HORRIBLE in these photos, but I was too excited to be sitting next to this man lol so who cares right??
To be honest, I love the attention we get from others because we are an interracial couple and my boyfriend is in a wheelchair. I'm African American and he is Mexican. I love being a "minority" lol

Overall, I enjoyed my Valentine's Day with my sweetheart.
Yes, it was my first official Valentine's Day which was an amazing experience!!
I hope you guys did as well :)
Happy Valentine's Day Bloggers & Fashionistas!!