Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not The Best Photos, But I Had To Show You Guys My Outfit Today

Yes, I know what you guys are thinking.... These are such horrible photos lol I seriously apologize for this!! This is actually my home (I live in a motel) & my usual photographer has been super busy & my lovely mom was my only option lol.

I just wanted you guys to see this amazingly,  sexy knit cardigan that I purchased at the Forever 21 in Thousand Oaks,  CA (if you guys are ever in the area, you seriously need to check out this location like foreal foreal lol). 

Outfit Details:
Eyewear- Old Navy
Cardigan- Forever 21
Top- Forever 21
Pants- Forever 21
Sandals- Forever 21
Necklaces- Amazon (Gift from boyfriend)

Forgive me for these horrible photos,  but I'll make it up to you guys soon!!