Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Attend a Wedding with City Chic

Hello everyone!! 
So, in case you guys had NO IDEA, i worked at one of City Chic's store in Northridge, CA.
I have to tell you guys how much I loved working there and how amazing their clothes are!
One thing I've noticed is that they have AMAZING pieces in their Chic Boutique, which basically displays dresses that you can wear to a wedding, gala, party, or any special event.

Who is City Chic?
By the way, City Chic is a fashion brand from Australia and they ONLY cater to + size women (14-24).
Their sizes are literally made to fit a woman's curves!!

There are so many weddings taking place during the spring, so I thought I'd share with you guys a few dress options from City Chic, that would be very appropriate for a wedding guest to wear.

14 = XS
16 = S
18 = M
20 = L
22 =XL
24 = XXL

Because of City Chic's unique fit, I would recommend that you head over to one there stores and try on a few things, just to give you a better idea when you shop online in the future.

To find out your nearest store location, head over to www.citychiconline.com