Thursday, May 29, 2014

Flower Crown Madness

The flower crowns are finally coming back!!!
We can all admit that without Lana Del Rey,  The flower crown wouldn't be the same lol. I think that it provides us women with an innocence and sparkle;  it adds that extra kick to every outfit.
Oh & I almost forgot to tell you guys that they are very very very very very easy to make!!
Tools needed:
1. Artificial flowers
2. Scissors
3. Hot glue gun
4 . Elastic band
5. Felt paper
All you really need to do is:
-cut the extra stem off of the flowers
-glue the flowers to the elastic band
-cut the felt paper into small oval shapes
-glue on over the elastic band & flowers
-let it dry for about 5-7 mins
-you're all DONE!

Comment below to share your flower crowns :)