Sunday, June 1, 2014

6 Ways to Wear a Crop Top!

I've created at least 6 different ways that I personally would style a crop top. Everyone may not agree,  but yeah this is my own vision lol. I feel like crop tops are made for every woman of any size, it's just all about how you choose to wear them.  
 White is a trendy color for summer,  so why not go with an all white ensemble & of course have some pop of color to make the white stand out!
It's the perfect outfit to wear to a Lana Del Rey concert, Coachella,  or a summer bbq!
 This sexy ensemble is definitely meant to be worn to special night out with your loved one. It's sexy, romantic, and classy. If you want, you can throw on a blazer just in case it gets a little chilly outdoors.
 Fierce. fierce. FIERCE!!! Wearing a crop top with jogger pants is always a great idea! There is no such thing as too much print in my book! I'd definitely wear this outfit to school,  the mall, movie night,  bowling,  or even on vacation in San Diego.
 Now this outfit is perfect for a day packed with lots & lots of errands to complete! & maybe squeeze in a little shopping trip to Macy's or Cotton On lol. It's what I call "cozy chic".
 Okay,  so this outfit (to me) is very SJP inspired, and I'd honestly wear this to dinner with friends,  brunch on the Queen Mary,  Or any Sunday outing.
Last, but not least, this is the type of outfit I'd wear to party with the girls or maybe even some special fashion event. It's very bold, simple,  and sexy all in one look!!

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Happy blogging guys!! & cheers to an adventurous summer!